Elementum signed the agreement for GE Cypress WTGs

Elementum Energy has signed an agreement with GE Renewables for the delivery of eleven Cypress wind turbines, capable of producing up to 60 MW, for construction of Dnistrovska WPP Phase II in Odesa oblast. Cypress WTGs are GE’s most powerful onshore wind turbines, featuring the revolutionary two-piece blade design.

Having achieved mechanical completion of the Dnistrovska WPP Phase I that features ten 4 MW turbines by GE Renewables earlier in the year, Elementum has taken a final investment decision to proceed with Phase II of the project.
Leveraging on the success of Phase I, we will pursue the same innovative, multi-contractor strategy for the realisation of Phase II. Cypress WTGs will arrive on Dnistrovska WPP site during October - December 2021, and commercial operation date is expected to be achieved in Q2-2022.
When completed, Dnistrovska 100 MW facility will produce 360 million kWh and contribute 280k tons in CO2 savings.