We believe that business can prosper while maintaining a strong focus on community involvement and social responsibility. 

Community Impact

To date, we have created nearly 5,000 local construction jobs and over 300 permanent operational positions. We are an important local partner and have had a significant positive impact on the lives of thousands of people and local communities.


Our current clean energy production reduces annual carbon dioxide emissions by roughly 566,800 tons. This is equivalent to removing nearly 7,200 diesel-burning buses from London roads for a year. As our renewable energy assets grow, so too will our contribution to the environment.




We have an integrated data-driven health and safety management system across our platform to ensure site personnel work in a safe and secure environment. With over four million man-hours spent constructing our plants, we experienced zero man-hours of missed work due to injury or accident.


We are committed to openness, transparency and fair dealing with all our counterparties. Some of our transparency measures include:

  • Publicly-available power production metrics, tariff information and tax situation.
  • Competitive bid contracting where all parties have access to the same data set.
  • Reporting that is easy to understand, timely and accurate.


We are focused on building strong relationships with the local communities where we operate. In addition to providing thousands of jobs, we partner with local districts to assist with education, environmental awareness, individual well-being and other initiatives at a grass-roots level.