Elementum has developed close working relationships with the leading renewable energy equipment manufacturers.

A first-tier supplier of high-efficiency, mono-crystalline solar cells and modules. PV magazine rates LONGi as the “only AAA bankable supplier globally”. Almost 80% of our MW capacity is derived from LONGi panels.

A market-leading electrical invertor and integrated solutions provider. KSTAR inverters have been installed in nearly all of our solar plants.

A top-tier supplier of solar modules. As a top global photovoltaic brand, they are known for their technology-driven research. Risen carries a PV ModuleTech Bankability rating of “A”.

Ukraine’s leading EPC contractor O&M provider for the renewables industry with over 1 GW of power generation currently in service. KNESS was the EPC contractor for 501 MW of our solar plants.

GE is a global leader in onshore wind turbine manufacturing and has supplied the wind turbines for Phase 1 of our Dnistrovska Wind Power Plant (40MW). GE has over 42,000 wind turbine units installed globally.